Dear Customer

Welcome to SA Trailer & Chassis Equipment Pty Ltd.

Since August 1975, SA Trailer & Chassis has been a service-oriented, wholly South Australian owned company dedicated to fulfilling our customers’ axle, spring, brake and parts requirements. From humble beginnings in Hampstead Gardens, South Australia, SA Trailer & Chassis has grown into a major manufacturer, importer and supplier of quality trailer parts.

Our axle production has increased from the original two A&B types, to nine different bearing combinations with various carrying capacities up to 3000kg.

With the advent of the Australian Design Rules (ADRs) it has become necessary for the trailer and caravan industry, and the one-off home trailer builders, to conform to those regulations. To this end, SA Trailer & Chassis can now offer ADR-approved axles, brakes, springs and brake operating kits up to 15000kg capacity.

Our experienced staff will have much pleasure in advising you on products and attending to your orders.

My staff and I look forward to being of service to you.

Managing Director