Australian Design Rules (ADRs) now apply to the building of Caravans, Trailers and most trailed vehicles. It is your responsibility, whether you are a manufacturer or a private one-off builder, to conform to these regulations. Our staff at SA Trailer & Chassis Equipment Pty Ltd will be able to help you with general ADR enquiries on Brakes, Suspensions, Trailer Plates, Lights, Wheels, Tyres and Chains etc.

For specific ADR information and copies of the current ADR regulations, please contact the Department of Road Transport in your state.



  1. Trailers up to 750kg Gross Trailer Mass (GTM) - No brakes required.
  2. Trailers with GTM from 750kg to 1999kg - Brakes required on at least two wheels.
    "Efficient" override brakes, electric brakes or power-assisted brakes are acceptable.
  3. Trailers with a GTM from 2000kg to 4499kg - Brakes required on all road wheels.
    Must be independent brakes in either electric, vacuum or compressed air-assisted, with control via foot and hand controller from the driver's seat, with a breakaway system to automatically apply the trailer brakes fully for at least 15 minutes should be vehicle accidentally disconnect from the towing vehicle.
  4. Trailers with a GTM of 4500kg and over - Require fully ADR-approved axles with "S" Cam Brakes, Load Sharing Suspensions and Compressed Air Brake Operating and Breakaway Kits.
    Kit Approval Numbers supplied on purchase of approved running kits to make registration easier.


    1. Trailers up to Gross Trailer Mass (GTM) of 1999kg - Can use Slipper, Shackle or Rocker Springs, or Independent Suspensions.
    2. Trailers with GTM from 2000kg to 4499kg - Require a Load-Sharing Suspension when in tandem or tri-axle configuration.
    3. Trailers with GTM fro 4500kg and over - Require ADR-Approved Suspension Kits.


    1. All Lights and Reflectors must be ADR-Approved and fitted in accordance with the regulations.
    2. Plugs and Wiring must also be in accordance with the regulations.


    1. All Trailers, Caravans and Towed Vehicles must be fitted with a permanently-affixed Manufacturer's Plate in a prominent external position, and must include the following information:

    (a) Manufacturer's name

    (b)Date of manufacture

    (c)Model number

    (d)Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

    (e)Gross Trailer Mass (GTM)

    (f)Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM)

    (g)Wheel and tyre information as required

    (h)Certification statement

Reference used: Vehicle Standards Bulletin (Building Small Trailers) issued July 1991.